Easter in El Salvador

Easter is "A time to meditate and recall about our conduct" this is the message taught over the years by the Catholic Church, and El Salvador is no stranger to these teachings, where at least 60% of the population is considered to be catholic.

Easter or Holy week is celebrated for a week once a year in the months of March or April (dates vary every year). The celebrations are held everywhere from small populated towns to others much richer in tradition, for example: Sonsonate and Izalco.

The processions are very picturesque. Paradoxically the towns of Sonsonate and Izalco are still very rich in indigenous traditions. The Spaniards had a tough job in converting them to their religion and yet our indigenous people managed to practice both simultaneously. The Spaniards believed to have successfully introduced them to Catholicism while Indigenous were following their ancestral customs at the same time.

During these very rich in details celebrations, you can easily get to see some indigenous priest or "Shaman" also known as "Brujos" (witch crafters).

Visit Sonsonate and Izalco and you'll experience some of our indigenous past. You'll also see some colorful carpets elaborated specially for the processions by families, groups of friends or neighbors.

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