Playa Las Flores

Playa Las Flores is located next to El Cuco and is regarded as one of the best surf spots all over El Salvador. That is why it has recently become a favorite beach for surfers and other extreme water sports including sailing, windsurfing and more.

Las Flores is a small seaside village full of friendly people, whose main activity is fishing, so you will be able to see their handmade boats on the shore for you to take a tour in them.

Las Flores point break right is a long, steady and fun wave, with a sandy bottom and tubular sections. One activity is to take a boat and sail Punta Mango point break, the most tubular wave in El Salvador.

Getting there

By car: When driving on the highway El Litoral (CA-2) from Usulutan, look for the call diversion "El Delirio" where you should turn right towards El Cuco. Then turn right to reach Play Las Flores.

By bus: From San Miguel take Route 320 bound for Chirilagua and El Cuco. From Usulutan take Route 373 to the Transit and El Cuco.

Local business:

Hotel: Las Flores Resort ►

Designed to have a minimal impact on the ecosystem

Hotel: Azul Surf Club ►

We provide the surf trip you've always dreamed of!

Hotel: Hotel Miraflores ►

Just walk down to one of the best waves of the country

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