Suchitoto is located in the department of Cuscatlán (the smallest one of the 14 departments of El Salvador), at 47 km from the San Salvador.

Suchitoto means "place of the flower bird" in Nahuatl.

The town is located at 390 m ASL on the south border of the River Lempa, from where the mountain range Alotepeque - Metapan offers spectacular views, as well as Lake Suchitlan (longest lake in the country, with over 135kms2).

Suchitoto was founded by pre-Columbian Pipil populations who were defeated by Spaniards during the conquest.

The church of Santa Lucía, built in 1853 is one of the first republican churches in the country (usually mistakenly called colonial, but after the independence from Spain was signed they were no longer referred to as colonial). The church went through reconstruction for some years and it is now open to the public.

When in Suchitoto, you can visit lake of Suchitlan, take a boat ride and go to the Bird Island (isla de los pajaros), Los Tercios and the area known as La Bermuda only 8 km away (first Spanish settlement in El Salvador).

Suchitoto was a very important town during the colony, some former presidents were born in this town, well known poets, and Alejandro Coto (film maker). Alejandro Coto is the person in charge of the cultural movement in the city; he began a permanent festival of arts and culture, his house currently a museum, will be inherited to the city of Suchitoto after his death.

Suchitoto is very popular among foreigners and locals. There are many kinds of hotels and restaurants with amazing views.

Other than hotels, tour companies and transportation you can find many different restaurants in Suchitoto, they will satisfy all tastes and budgets. The majority of these businesses can be found on the sites; Visit Suchitoto and Tourism in Suchitoto

One new restaurant is the Ajhuiyak Ne Tupal which in Nahuat means Sabroso Lo Nuestro

Local business:

Hotel: Los Almendros de San Lorenzo ►

Near the Main Square in Suchitoto.

Hotel: La Posada de Suchitlan ►

Located in Suchitoto, 4 blocks north of the Central Park.

Hotel: Guazapa Cafe Rest & Hotel ►

So close to mother nature.

Hotel: Hotel y Restaurante El Tejado ►

Incredible view and the perfert place to relax

Hotel: Casa Hotel Santa Lucia ►

Small Hotel located in the center of Suchitoto

Hotel: Hotel Posada Alta Vista ►

Family run hotel in the center of Suchitoto.

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Tour Operator: Guazapa Tours ►

Rural Community Tourism

Tour Operator: Suchitoto Adventure Outfitters ►

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