Walter Thilo Deininger

Natural Park Walter Thilo Deininger is located at 35 km south of San Salvador, on the Litoral road.

The Natural Park Walter Thilo Deininger is one of the few forest areas with a diversity of species of animals, medicinal plants, and trees in danger of extinction, therefore represents an important protected area.

The park serves as an ecological center of interpretation where different species of the flora and fauna can be studied. If you'd like to get more involved with mother nature, we recommend you take a guided tour through the park, where you'll get to the pathway El Mirador which offers a panoramic view of the pacific ocean, the cave el Encanto; the pathway ChamseƱora offering views and vegetation caducifolia; the pathway of river Amayo where you'll experiment a trip in the forest till you get to the poza El Salto and enjoy a bath in its crystal clear waters.

Its main characteristic is that the protected area has two rivers, a dry caducifolio forest, a gallery forest and varied fauna. The park offers basic infrastructure, parking for 15 vehicles, toilets and open areas.

The park is administered by the Salvadoran Institute of Tourism

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