El Imposible

El Imposible National Park is one of the last tropical dry forests in El Salvador, where more than 250 kinds of birds live (migratory and endemic), mammals, insects, and the forests own vegetation.

Walking, camping, swimming in the river, bird watching are only some of the activities you can enjoy while at the park. There is one new hostel only one kilometer away from the park.

El Imposible is considered a relic since it is home to many species of plants and animals in threat of extinction in El Salvador.

The park was created in March 1989, and it is well know for its biological and cultural richness, as well as for its economical importance to the neighboring communities.

El Imposible is 3,794 hectares big (5,458 blocks) and with its 400 species of flora is considered the richest biological diversity in El Salvador. The weather and topography of the park divides it into three areas: High regions (1,450 - 1,200 m ASL), middle region (1,200 - 800 m ASL) and low lands (800 - 300 m ASL).

More than 500 species of butterflies live in its surroundings, 279 kinds of birds, 100 species of mammals, 53 species of amphibious and reptiles.

To visit the park a permit needs to be requested from Salvanatura.

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