Mountain Hotel and Cabins in El Salvador

Hotel: Clouds of El Pital
Caserío La Laguna (30.20 mi),
Rio Chiquito,
San Ignacio
Community Ecotourism Cooperative
4 rooms
From $40
Hotel: Santa Leticia
Carretera de Sonsonate hacia Apaneca km 86½,
Located in the heart of a coffee farm.
23 rooms
From $80
Hotel: Perkin Lenca
Km. 205½ Carretera a Perquín,
Located in the mountains, close to the town of Perquín.
17 rooms
From $30
Hotel: Hostal Miramundo
Cerro Miramundo,
La Palma
A mountain hotel at a height of 2400 meters.
11 rooms
From $56
Hotel: Hotel Alicante Apaneca
Located in the mountains between Apaneca and Ataco.
32 rooms
From $71
Hotel: Hotel y Restaurante El Torogoz
Km 195 Carretera a Perquín,
Colonia ACAEM,
3 rooms
From $25
Hotel: Hotel La Palma
Barrio El Tránsito,
La Palma
More than 60 years of history.
32 rooms
From $18
Hotel: El Jardín de Celeste
Km. 94 de Ataco a Apaneca,
Ruta de las Flores,
Enjoy the best cuisine with your family and friends.
10 rooms
From $55
Hotel: Alla Arriba Cabañas
Camino A Los Planes, Crio. El Aguacatal,
Canton Miramundo,
La Palma
To enjoy the mild weather and the fabulous forest
10 rooms
From $61