Golfo de Fonseca

One of our most pleasant trips took place in the Golfo de Fonseca.

After almost three hours by car from San Salvador we got to the Port of La Union, where we looked for a boat to give us a ride to the islands in the gulf. Just finding a boat was an adventure itself.

After 30 minutes by boat we made it to the island Martín Perez, which is inhabited and offers the most beautiful beach in El Salvador. The difference from the beaches in the gulf to those elsewhere is that the first ones offer less waves and currents, therefore allow for excellent swimming.

A little less than 30 minutes more, and we arrived to the biggest island in the gulf, Isla de Meanguera, where some small hotels offer great views, and swimming from your room's balcony is possible. Nevertheless, choices regarding food are very limited; we suggest you take your own food, drinks and bottled water.

We heard stories about a new hotel being built by a foreigner on this island, which could increase its touristic standards. Despite our "difficulties" we strongly recommend you take this trip when looking for a more rustic yet gratifying experience, especially if you love just being beachfront and swimming.

If you are lucky enough you'll probably even get to see dolphins swimming around your boat.

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